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What Prize Inside Can Do For You
Welcome to Prize Inside web site. We’re here to help you change to make your business work better.
Organizational change can disrupt the work environment and have a deep impact on the people within the company.
Prize Inside can help you develop an active approach to initiating change where you can take charge rather than just reacting to it. Because our expertise is not only in training but includes certified executive coaching, we know how to make the new learning stick. We do this by including telephone follow-up sessions which reinforce the training content and guide the participants in how to put the ideas they’ve learned into action.

We serve as a catalyst in transforming people and organizations so they can become more productive and profitable. When change comes, we have the experience to help you deal with it. With over 15 years of experience on the front lines in sales and marketing, we’ve experienced the challenges and know the hassles caused by a sudden promotion to an executive marketing position, taking over a new team, or having to quickly adjust to increased sales goals with reduced resources.

We help you identify problems in your own work style, or in your organization, and fashion a transformation plan that energizes and motivates you and your staff. And we know how to make change less scary while turning the process into something enjoyable.

We work one-on-one, with teams or with groups
* Training * Consulting * Coaching for Individuals and Organizations

Executive Coaching
Retreat Planning and Facilitation
Sales Meetings Planning and Facilitation

Our experience is primarily with sales/marketing and creative leaders and their teams and senior executives.

Find our what Prize Inside can do for you and your organization. Call Marti Campbell at (301) 650-4160 or email her.

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Prize Inside works one-on-one, with teams or with groups.
Groups and Teams:
Our work with groups includes a series of standard training workshops – any of which can be customized. Workshops address team building and understanding communication styles. People learn better and retain more information if they feel comfortable with the environment. We create a safe participatory environment so the individuals can feel comfortable when sharing their ideas and views and so they know they are being heard in a nonjudgmental manner. This fosters trust and openness to change. After the workshops are completed, we follow-up with telephone sessions to enhance the experience.
Training Workshops for Managers and/or Teams
We can help you plan and facilitate retreats, workshops and sales meetings. Plus, we are certified experts in the latest executive coaching methods and we specialize in helping managers who are transitioning into new positions. Our programs help managers interested in developing their leadership abilities learn efficient methods for motivating others, and enhancing cooperation and performance. We include telephone follow-up using executive coaching techniques to enhance new learning and increase memory retention.